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Kids & Teens

Natural learning for the young generation.

Children are most receptive to learning to speak a new language when they start at an early age. At Berlitz, we like to think of it as a small investment for a big future – especially that our courses encourage interaction amongst students and ensure fast progress in a relaxed class atmosphere.

English and other languages would be taught the same way any first language is taught: by laughing, playing and eventually conversing. Songs, crafts, games and illustrations are used to build a child’s confidence in mastering the language; the teaching tools adapt accordingly for teenage students.

Why your children should become bilingual at an early age:

  • Positive effects on intellectual growth, cognitive development and better mental development
  • More flexibility in thinking, greater cultural sensitivity, and better ear for listening
  • Ability to communicate with and appreciate new people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Head start in language requirements for university and higher education
  • Better preparation for entry into the job market where knowing another language is a valuable asset

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