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Total Immersion®

The most intensive Berlitz program to master conversations within three weeks.

Berlitz Total Immersion® is an especially intensive form of private language instruction. This personalized program is one of the fastest and most certain ways to master conversation: in only two to three weeks, you can learn to communicate in your new language in both social and business situations! How does it work? You will speak, listen and think in you new language all day long alongside our native-speaking teachers.

An overview of the program’s features:

  • Maximum learning intensity with 12 instructional units daily.
  • Individual training with a focus on oral expression and communication.
  • Double lesson with two instructors simultaneously to simulate group discussions.
  • Improved spoken competency through rapid question and answer exchanges.
  • Business lunch together with the instructor in an authentic environment.
  • Easiest schedule to make rapid advances without interruptions and stress.

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